VOD Demo (Amazon EC2 instance, S3 storage)

THIS DEMO IS NOT WORKING NOW, Whe are Updating the Server

All this demos are Hosted in a Standalone Instance, and the files are serving from S3 Storage platform.

Demo a 778k (650k video + 128k audio)

[pro-player width=’568′ height=’320′  type=’rtmp’ streamer=’rtmp://wms1.wmconsulting.info/vods3/1001/’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/BigBuckCupertinoHi.mov[/pro-player]

Demo a 578k (450k video + 128k audio)

[pro-player width=’568′ height=’320′ type=’rtmp’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmp://wms1.wmconsulting.info/vods3/1001/’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/BigBuckCupertinoMed.mov[/pro-player]

Demo a 328k (200k video + 128k audio)

[pro-player width=’560′ height=’320′ type=’rtmp’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmp://wms1.wmconsulting.info/vods3/1001/’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/BigBuckCupertinoHi.mov[/pro-player]

Demo a 328k (200k video + 128k audio) Tamaño Original

[pro-player width=’284′ height=’160′ type=’rtmp’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmp://wms1.wmconsulting.info/vods3/1001/’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/BigBuckCupertinoLo.mov[/pro-player]

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