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Live Publish from iPhone to Wowza

I’m really happy to be part of the Beta Testers of this new and amazing application.

With Livu you can stream from your iPhone 3GS or newest to any Wowza Media Server using RTMP protocol…

Features supported:

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Authentication support
  • Touch to focus
  • Double tap to expose
  • Torch mode (iPhone 4 only)
  • WIFI Video sizes (192×144, 480×360)
  • Cellular streaming is limited to a low bitrate stream.

Here some screenshots:



You don’t have one account in any Wowza Server for test contact me, I’ll provide one.

Thanks to Steve for this application


How to know what is happening inside Wowza?

I have seen into the Blog stats than the most common question is How To Monitor Wowza Media Server… for this reason I’ll start to write a series of Posts about this topic.

In this first post I’ll request your help too, let me know what you would like to know about your Wowza Server.

Currently the information I consider useful, is:

  • Concurrent Connection (separated by Protocol –  HTTP Cupertino / HTTP Silverlight / RTSP / RTMP)
  • MemoryHeap (the memory used by the JVM)
  • Version (if you have multiple server,it is difficult remember what version you have installed)
  • Bandwidth Traffic (by Vhost, Application or ApplicationInstances)

And here the question… What info would you like to know about Wowza?

Please post into the comment what else you would like to know…

Into the next post, I’ll show examples, graphs and other tips to get this information from the Wowza Server, using JMX protocol.

But here I show a snake peak of the information and the Graph you can have.

Mobile Demos

For Watch this videos, and listen the Online Radio, please enter to this URL with your mobile device

Please after test the Streaming with your Mobile Device, take 1 minute to send your Device Model using our Contact form, this way we can load this in our database and make public this result.

IMPORTANT: The Mobile Device need support H264 codec


Shoutcast Radio relay

VOD Demo (Amazon EC2 instance, S3 storage)

THIS DEMO IS NOT WORKING NOW, Whe are Updating the Server

All this demos are Hosted in a Standalone Instance, and the files are serving from S3 Storage platform.

Demo a 778k (650k video + 128k audio)

[pro-player width=’568′ height=’320′  type=’rtmp’ streamer=’rtmp://’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/[/pro-player]

Demo a 578k (450k video + 128k audio)

[pro-player width=’568′ height=’320′ type=’rtmp’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmp://’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/[/pro-player]

Demo a 328k (200k video + 128k audio)

[pro-player width=’560′ height=’320′ type=’rtmp’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmp://’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/[/pro-player]

Demo a 328k (200k video + 128k audio) Tamaño Original

[pro-player width=’284′ height=’160′ type=’rtmp’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmp://’]amazons3/wmconsulting.content/[/pro-player]

ShoutCast Relay Demo


In this first post I’ll show  a demo.

About how can make a relay with Wowza Server from a Shoutcast server.

Demo with JWPlayer

[pro-player width=’182′ height=’120′ type=’rtmp’ fullscreen=’false’ autostart=’false’ streamer=’rtmpt://’][/pro-player]

You can improve the user experience, provide a On-line Player in Flash, and running over the port 80 with RTMP protocol, this way don’t have problem with the firewall.

Don’t hesitate to send your feedback or question about that.