Wowza CPU Performance comparative for Live Streaming sites

The idea of this post is share some technical details about different Wowza servers settings, running into Live Streaming sites.

This 4 years working into multiple projects allow to me recollect stats about performance, currently support more than 100 Wowza Server daily and this list of CPU’s is the common used.

One normal question from my customers are, what server need to buy for my streams?

For this reason into this post I’ll share some metrics and performance graph from multiple servers.

All the server run, with Wowza Media Server 2.2.3 with JDK 1.6.0_XX over Centos 5/6 64 bits.

The list of server for this comparative are: (benchmark from

Methodology of the metric recollections:

  • At the moment to take the metrics all the server need to be using 1Gbps during almost 15 minutes (this metrics are based into 30 minutes samples)
  • All need to have similar concurrent users connected (the average is 4610 Concurrent Users into this comparative)

We’ll use 5 metric to compare:

  • CPU Available (Average)
  • JVM Memory Used (Average)
  • Server RAM
  • Load (Average)
  • Connected Users (Average)

5 pensamientos sobre “Wowza CPU Performance comparative for Live Streaming sites”

  1. Hi Alejandro,

    This is great information. For the graph where you show concurrent users, what is the bit rate of the content being streamed? Given the number of users appears pretty consistent, is the upper limit just the bandwidth? In other words, if you were using 10 Gbps NICs, would the number of concurrent users jump significantly on the higher-end servers?


  2. Chris, the limit here was always the network card, commodity hardware normally for the prices we paid are limited to 1Gbps.

    Only with X3210 we reach the limit of the hardware (CPU) with the other server all have resources available for reach more users.

  3. My question is similar. how can a regular 500Kbps stream have 4610 concurrent users under 1gbps nic? 4610 here is average concurrent users over a period of time?

  4. Wondering if you or a friend might help with number of users being on our streaming website at one time? We may have 50.000 on at one time. Thanks Cliff Hancock

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