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We are a young team, with +6 years of experience with Wowza, the Team is composed of a Sr. Java Developer, Sr. Network Engineer and a Sr. Unix System Engineer.

We are implement multiple server, in Streaming Hosting Provider, and develop personalized modules for Wowza, we are working with International and Small company’s, Streaming Service Provider, and have customers in Mexico, EEUU, Canada, Australia, UK, Israel, and more.

Our office are in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You can see some comments about our work into this page: Testimonials

2 pensamientos sobre “About Us”

  1. Hi,

    I’m using Wowza server for live streaming. I need to know the status of the server ( Wowza server on Amazon EC2 ) when flow is sent from the encoder to be relayed.

    I use Adobe Flash Media Encoder, and I want to get the server status in a variable that I can read with php.

    For example, a variable set to “false” when no flow, and set to “true” when I push the “send” button on Flash Media Encoder.

    Could you help me, by developping a personalized script for this ? What should be the price for this development ?

    Thank you
    Best regards,

  2. Gerard,
    Is possible if you check the bandwidth traffic for one Application/Stream, this way you can know is your are receive flow or not. Please contact us using the Contact Form, this way I’ll can send a budged and discuss with more details about this feature and your needs.


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